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   AOC on 12th Chiropractic Service Fee Schedule - January 1, 2024

Appointment Type                                     Visit Length               Fee       


           New Patient/Initial Examination                                 45 Minutes                    $110.00

           Report of Findings                                                    30 Minutes                     $85.00

           Office Visit/Adjustment                                             15 Minutes                     $55.00

           Office Visit with A.R.T.                                               15 Minutes                     $75.00

           Extended Office Visit with A.R.T. (multi-region)        30 Minutes                    $110.00

           A.R.T. with Laser Therapy                                         30 Minutes                     $110.00

           Laser Therapy - Small Area (</= to 6 minutes)         15 Minutes                     $65.00

           Laser Therapy - Large Area (>/= to 8 minutes)         15 Minutes                    $85.00

           Re-Evaluation                                                             30 Minutes                    $85.00                                   (2 year clinic absence or new single region complaint)

           Full Re-Assessment                                                  45 Minutes                    $110.00                                 (4 year clinic absence, new multi-regional complaint or motor vehicle accident)

ART of Chiropractic on 12th Financial Policy & Direct Billing

 We direct bill select insurance companies as a courtesy to our patients, however, it does not always mean your visits are   covered, either in part or in full. If we are unable to process a claim (due to technical issues ie. a provider website being down), it   is not fully covered or is rejected, the patient is responsible for any outstanding balance. 


 Please present insurance coverage, prior to your appointment, so that coverage can be predetermined during your visit. If your   visit is dependent on insurance coverage, please do not accept treatment prior to predetermination.

 For those patients who do not have insurance, payment for examination/treatment is due at the time of services rendered.

 We thank you for the opportunity to be your Chiropractic & Massage Therapy provider.

Dr.s and Staff @ AOC on 12th

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