Clinic Update for April 10th, 2020 Covid 19 :
*The Art of Chiropractic on 12th is closed until further notice.*

At 4:35 pm on Friday March 27th, 2020, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced the closure of all non-essential businesses. "The closure applies to non-urgent wellness centres and clinics. This includes a new stoppage on all non-emergency health care treatments, such as physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, optometry, and podiatry." Effective immediately until further notice. 

Unfortunately,  Chiropractors are not permitted to provide any service that does not constitute urgent, critical or emergency care at this time. We do realize the impact this will have on our patients and our community, however this is a government mandated closure important in preventing the spread of Covid 19


The ACAC defines urgent, critical and emergency chiropractic care as:


Urgent neurological chiropractic care: 

  • This is defined as a pathology that could reasonably lead to a neurological deficit. The patient must be a demonstratable candidate for response to manual treatment, as delivered by a chiropractor; and if left untreated would result in the patient seeking urgent or emergency care at a medical facility. This must be established with a complete neuro/ortho/biomechanical assessment.  No other form of assessment may be used to establish the need for care. Subluxation, wellness or functional care does not meet the criteria for urgent neurological chiropractic care in the context of what has been communicated by Alberta Health.


Urgent musculoskeletal chiropractic care:

  • This is defined as a pathology that could reasonably be a musculoskeletal condition for the patient that does, or would incapacitate the patient’s ability to function in performing daily activities without immediate intervention; and if left untreated would result in the patient seeking urgent or emergency care at a medical facility. This must be established with a complete neuro/ortho/biomechanical assessment. No other form of assessment may be used to establish the need for care. Subluxation, wellness or functional care does not meet the criteria for urgent musculoskeletal chiropractic care in the context of what has been communicated by Alberta Health.

If you find yourself in a health care crisis, that may require urgent, critical or emergency chiropractic care, we will consider taking patients on a case by case basis provided the patient meets the criteria outlined above (to be determined by phone interview). All patient's considered for care must pass a Covid 19 Screening as found on the AHS Covid 19 Self Assessment page link provided on this page. You must contact us by email at to be considered for urgent, critical or emergency chiropractic care. Please note we will not be taking any new patients at this time. 

We will continue to monitor the spread of Covid 19 and look forward to the opportunity to return to practice when possible. When we return we will continue to ensure that we do everything we can to provide a safe and healthy environment for our patients and our staff.  


For more information, please check this webpage regularly for updates. We will not be keeping regular office hours during this business disruption however we will be checking our phone messages and emails regularly. Feel free to contact us at 403-228-5922 or 403-245-1221 or email us at with any questions or concerns.
We are here to support you, our valued patients, during these challenging times. As always it is our privilege to be considered your chiropractic health care provider. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your support and understanding during this mandated temporary business disruption. We will get through this together. We look forward to returning to a normal practice environment and seeing you soon. Be safe. Stay healthy.

Dr. Jarett Terlesky, Dr. Robin Dohlman, Dr. Jodi Langille, Trina Rideout RMT & Sarah



"Chiropractors are only permitted to consider providing urgent, critical or emergency care at this time " ACAC







COVID 19 Resources

Alberta Health Services 

Covid 19 Pre-Screen


  1. Have you traveled by air or outside of the country in the last 14 days?

  2. Are you experiencing a fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, or cough/cold symptoms?

  3. Have you had confirmed or assumed exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days? 


If you answer yes to any of the above questions it is suggested you self isolate for 14 days.


If you develop signs and symptoms of Covid 19 contact 811 to find out the next steps for Covid 19 testing or click the link below for more information. 



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